Last night we finally were able to do some reading.  I had tried a few times before, but it always seemed to upset her.  Seriously, she would be in the best mood and I would sneak out a book and she would cry.  I was beginning to think she really either disliked reading or the sound of my voice, both sad thoughts.  Last night, however, she was really into it, we read 3 Golden Books!  Phillip even got a few pictures.  (please pay no attention to how terrible I look).

Yesterday she also sat in her chair for quite a while Phillip said.  She is getting stronger each day and really wants to sit up.  She has also developed some strong legs.  We can stand her up, leaning against us, and she can remain standing. 

The other pictures were from yesterday morning when I was getting her clothes out.   I put her cow/giraffe blanket on her (we aren’t sure what animal it is).  When I came back to the crib to dress her she was eating it.  We were trying so hard to keep her away from red meat, hahaha.  Anyway, I caught some cute poses.  I hope you enjoy. 

PS.  My photos are apparently too big to download full size, so if you want to see the images larger, just click on them. 


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