Yesterday Hazel seemed to be feeling a lot better and the weather was nice for the first time in months.  So we decided to take a walk.  We didn’t get very far before we realized that, though warmer than the sub zero temperatures we have been experiencing  all winter, 45 degrees still wasn’t good baby walking weather.  We turned around and headed home, but Hazel really liked being outside.  After our walk Phillip went to the gym and I started to cook supper.  I put Hazel in her crib and a few minutes later she started fussing.  I went to her room and somehow, I have no idea, she had gotten one of her shoes she had been wearing, stuck on her hand and was hitting herself with it.  I know it is mean, but  of course grabbed my camera and will share the hilarity with you.   img_1592.jpgimg_1593.jpgimg_1588.jpg   First Spring Walk…sort of 


2 thoughts on “First Spring Walk…sort of

  1. Amanda – The shoehand absolutely cracked me up. I don’t know how they get themselves in these predicaments – they don’t even have motor skills. 🙂 She’s so cute!

  2. How the heck did she do that?!? She is so smart, it is crazy. I am amazed. I also like how Copper is making an appearance in the first picture. You guys look so cute. Can’t wait to see ya again soon!!!

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