We had a fun time down south visiting Phillip’s family for Easter.  We were there for 3 full days and had a great time getting caught up with family and friends.  Hazel even found an easter egg during her first ever Easter egg hunt! We especially enjoyed seeing Hazel and Finley ( Philip’s cousin Micah and his wife Kacey’s one and a half month old baby girl) play together.  Well alright they didn’t actually play, they just stared at each other and looked really cute in all of their matching outfits, which were completely coincidental by the way.  It was incredible to see the amazing differences between the two babies with only a two month difference between them. They grow so much in so little time.  We want to thank Auntie Trish again for the beautiful Easter dress.  I posted some pictures of the weeks events.     img_1879.jpg  img_1774.jpg img_1825.jpg img_1853.jpg img_1864.jpg img_1801.jpg img_1832.jpg img_1746.jpg 


4 thoughts on “Easter in Salem

  1. Great photos Amanda!!!!!!!! What a beautiful family you have….

    Now please… PLEASE.. tell me you didn’t go to Salem, Oregon…

  2. Okay… I looked it up, you probably went to Salem, IL.
    🙂 I just would have been SO bummed if you were so close and we didn’t see each other! I did block off some chunks of time in my schedule, so let’s compare and see if I can come out to see you!!!!!

  3. Cutest pictures! It is remarkable how Hazel looks so much like Phil. I’m glad you guys had a good Easter! Love you!

  4. I know, she looks just like him. Sometimes people say she looks like me, but I think they are just trying to be nice, haha. Oh and Megan we were in Salem IL. Of course we would call you if we were anywhere near your neck of the woods!

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