Yesterday I put Hazel in her new bouncer and she was talking and yelling while i was puttering around the house.  Soon, i noticed she had been quiet for a bit, so, being the good mother i am, decided it was probably time to check on her.  She was leaning forward in the seat, with her head resting on the front of the chair.  i thought she must have just gotten tired of holding her head up, and guiltily went to remove her from the bouncer.  But upon closer examination I realized she was watching herself blow bubbles in the mirror.  It was so stinkin’ cute and funny.

This is just one of her many new discoveries.  She is now…

  • grabbing things and bringing them to her face and mouth
  • arching her back… to avoid getting strapped into car seat
  • rubbing her eyes
  • watching her feet



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