My parents came down this past Friday and Saturday for opening weekend of “The Wiz”.  It was the first show I have been in since “Kiss Me Kate” last summer when I was 5 months pregnant.  Having not performed for 9 months, I wasn’t sure what to expect from myself. However, being back on stage was wonderful.  I felt an overwhelming sense of “this is me” I can be a mother and an actress.  The Jedlicka Theatre staff has been so wonderful in alowing me to bring Hazel to rehearsal whenever I need to.  They even allow me time to pump, as I am still breast-feeding. Overall this first acting expereince after pregnancy has been very positive.  

It was definitely a weekend full of firsts.  Hazel could not be outdone.  She started sucking her thumb and her toes this weekend.  Neither of which she had ever done before.  

The Thumb

The Toe

Trying to decide which book to read…

I love the leg in the air

Apparently she didn’t like whatever I was saying…

She loves her Grandpa!

I love her


One thought on “Weekend of Firsts…

  1. She is TOO cute! And getting to be a super chunk like her buddy Daniel! I LOVE all the squish! What is she weighing now?

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