Phillip, being the “fun dad” he is, decided that Hazel was ready for a little adventure. He laid one of her blankets on the floor, the boppy on top of it, and tied my coat belt around the blanket.  He then proceeded to pull her around on the hardwood floor for a while.  When that started to get boring (for Phillip) he brought in Dora (our dog).  He tied the belt to Dora’s collar but she was too scared and wouldn’t move.  So he brought in Copper (our other dog) and had Copper pull Hazel around the house, kind of like a sled dog, except no snow, or sled.  Hazel seemed to enjoy the ride and even a few complimentary licks along the way (from Copper).  It was sure funny to watch.  I also got my foors cleaned at the same time so that was a nice bonus.


Ready for the fun to begin!

How it started

How it ended




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