Last week I had a cyst removed from my arm so my mom came to watch Hazel while I was at the hospital.  It was a very minor operation, but no babies allowed.  After the procedure we drove back to Port Byron and spent the rest of the week and weekend there.  Phillip came up Friday after school.  Dorian was able to come home as well.  It was so nice just spending time with the fam.  We had an extended family get together on Sunday for mother’s day.  Hazel hung out with her 2nd cousins Shay and Addison. It was a very nice First Mother’s Day weekend.  Although, we ended up eating at Cracker Barrel, I am not sure how that happened (Phillip’s favorite restaurant).  Below are some pics of our time in PB.

Peek-a-boo with grandpa

Seeing kitties for the first time

Smeen and Hazel at Noodle Company

Timing Dorian and grandpa at the track

After their work-out (Hazel is obviously not too impressed with their efforts)

She missed her Daddy

Uncle Kent, Addison, Hazel and me

Addison, what a cutie (my cousins little girl)

‘Like mother like daughter’


He loves me

Trying to take Shay’s bink

The three amigos




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