What an exciting past few days this has been!  We traveled to Lincoln Nebraska to watch my brother compete in the 1500 at regionals.  He came in second running a time of 3:41 and some change.  He advanced to Nationals which is very exciting.  While we were in Nebraska we got to see some of our friends we met while touring with Missoula Children’s Theatre.  Adam and Kate live in Nebraska and also toured for a summer, we have kept in contact ever since.  On top of seeing friends, we met up with family we haven’t seen for 12 years!  What a reunion.  Also my dad’s cousin John and his wife Linda came down for the race. 


testing the water at the pool

admiring her foot prints

hangin’ out by the pool with Adam and Kate

Race day!  There were 15 competitors in the 1500.  The top 5 advance to Nationals.  Dorian took second behind the defending indoor and outdoor national champ.  Not bad for a sophomore!

Dorian making his move (coming up on the outside in the yellow)

After the race we took some shots with the statue outside the Huskers stadium.


I told Dorian how awesome I thought it was that his running brought so many people together.  He said that was his favorite part of the whole thing. We had a nice family dinner in “the Haymarket” downtown Lincoln.  My cousin Amy and her little boy both have bright red hair.  Hazel finally feels like she belongs.

Hazel with Aunt Linda

I think she is ready to head home

Loading up and heading out, wait where’s Hazel?

“I said no more pictures!”

Our next adventure is Nationals in two weeks.  We are so excited.  Hazel has become quite the track fan.  She is so patient while waiting for uncle Dorian’s races.  Sometimes she sleeps right up until he runs, but always wakes up in time to cheer him on.  Uncle Dorian also really likes to show her off.


2 thoughts on “Weekend in Lincoln

  1. I teared up reading this……I am such a sap~ Tell your brother I said good luck at Nationals!!! Isn’t it greating meeting family you never see. Last summer I went to my mom’s family reunion in Michigan, and it was really fun. I think as we get older we appreciate and enjoy those things more. We need to get together this summer. Maybe you guys could come down and we could go to the zoo or aquarium or just hang out!!

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