Last night we met our friend Chris and his mom at a TGI Fridays.  She had been visiting from Alabama and wanted to meet Hazel before she flew back.  I had forgotten kids get balloons there.  The waitress tied one onto Hazel’s cars-seat and she loved it.  We even took it with us so she could enjoy it all the way home.  She would spaz out on it and it was pretty funny.  I think it’s light-ness really surprised her and she enjoyed being able to bop it around.  

Then last night before we changed into our PJ’s we had to get some more shots of the cute outfit.  I think Hazel was ready to change because in every picture she seems to be trying to take her dress off. 

This picture also reminds me, we took Hazel to the doctor the other day because she kept tugging on her ear.  Elijah had an ear infection before he came to our house so we wanted to make sure everything was alright.  The doctor said everything looked great that she probably just “found it.”  Now she grabs it all the time.   

One good one


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