Hazel is still sleeping in bed with us as she is still eating 2-3 times a night and it is the easiest way to feed her.  Anyway, the other night she woke up about 5am and was wide awake.  I, of course, was not ready to get up. I tried to ignore her hoping she would role over and go back to sleep.  She did not, and apparently was a little put out.  After a couple minutes I started to fade back to sleepy land.  All of the sudden I woke with a start and terrible pain in my arm.  Hazel had been scratching  at my arm and had snagged (hopefully by accident) the scab left over from my surgery ( I had a cyst removed a few weeks back).  I guess it is more gross than funny now that I am reading it out loud, but I thought I should share.  I had to get up and get a band-aid, so of course, Hazel got her way.  I hope the lesson learned was not ‘inflicting pain=getting my way.’  That could be scary…

One thought on “Funny Gross Story

  1. how do you get the pictures to be so big in your post? Do you insert them as a gallery, or do you do them one by one?

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