We gave Hazel her first solid food today.  I put some oatmeal in the food processor and added breast milk to it.  She definitely  was exploring the texture and of course spit most of it out.  I think she ingested about a teaspoon when it was all said and done.  No pictures unfortunately.  We took some video footage that i am sure will be posted on Youtube soon enough. I think I will do avocado next.  For anyone interested there is a website http://www.wholesomebaby.com with tons of homemade baby-food recipes and preparation techniques for moms and dads who want to go the homemade route.  It charts age appropriate foods and food combinations for infants from 6 months to the toddler years.  I printed off pretty much everything and put it in a binder.  It is really very easy and saves a ton of money. From what I have heard.  


In other news, Hazel is finally sleeping in her crib.  We decided that if food was so easily accessible during the night, the night feedings may never end.  I mean who doesn’t want to just roll over half asleep and have food put into their mouth?  She has adjusted to the crib quite well and usually only wakes up once now to eat.   


One thought on “First Solids

  1. That is great that Hazel is doing well in her crib at night…..now you can try to catch up on sleep!!! I will have to try the recipes when Finley gets old enough to try solid foods, they sound neat.

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