We are back home!  What an exciting trip we had. We traveled down to Des Moines Iowa for the NCAA Outdoor Championships.  It was great having them so close as they were in California last year and we couldn’t travel that far.  My brother Dorian, as I mentioned before, was runner up in the 1500.  What an incredible accomplishment.  We are now playing the waiting game hoping for an Olympic Trials invite.  This has and hopefully will continue to be a track-filled summer.

The shirts (they were supposed to have purple letters, it was a botched job)

The group.  Sixteen family and friends came to support Dorian.  He had quite the fan base.



While we were gone Hazel turned half a year old!  How exciting.  I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by.  I know I say that a lot, but I really don’t know where it goes.  She gets bigger everyday.  Here are some 6 month updates.

  • Hazel has started oatmeal cereal.  Not sure if she really likes it, but she eats it.
  • She rolls all over the place and loves to lay on her tummy.
  • She likes to suck on my face: nose, cheeks, ears, whatever is exposed she will try to latch on.
  • Not crawling yet, but she is getting her knees up under her
  • She loves new people.  She always has a smile and a show to put on for strangers.  The other day she was cranky while we were out to eat and once Phillip took her out of her seat and she spotted the people in the booth behind us she was all giggles, smiles and squawks.  They even held her.  
  • She had her first real pool experience while we were in Des Moines.  She was rather stoic so I am not sure if she liked it or not. 
  • She loves the dogs and tries to call them and reach out and pet them.
  • She loves wearing her hat and sunglasses.  She never tries to take them off.
  • She has 6 fat creases on each arm and I love each and every one.
  • Her hair is still red
  • Her favorite game is “put it on the table and I will knock it off, again, and again, and again”
  • She wakes up every morning and from every nap with a big raspberry.  I think that is her way of letting us know she is up and well-rested.  
First “big” pool experience

It is only fitting to end with this picture of Phillip and Hazel.  I completely forgot to take a shot of them on Father’s Day, but I figure this is close enough.   These two are already partners in crime.  Hazel is a Daddy’s girl without question.  



One thought on “Father’s Day Weekend

  1. I love your bullets of updates on Hazel. Haha. Btw…did you download skype? Do it Do it. Happy First Father’s Day, Phil! Oh… and Elijah was EXACTLY the same way his first time in the pool. And he’s never stoic. Weird. Maybe its just really overwhelming the first time.
    Elijah is now cruising everywhere. He tries to feed himself with his spoon, but we usually both end up covered in food. For breakfast every morning he eats a mushed banana with goats yogurt. LOVES it. Today on the menu are roasted red peppers and whole wheat pasta… whole. Weird. He picks them up and eats them on his own. Every morning he wakes up, he looks older. Today I asked him if he’s chosen a university. He wasn’t sure yet. He now says Mama and Baba (in reference to his bottle), and my favorite development… he can dance. Its the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Can you believe how different they are now and we were just with you 3 weeks ago. Wow. We miss you guys. Happy Half Birthday, Hazel Bazel. Only 3 months until Elijah’s birthday and 6 months to yours. Yikes. Hard to wrap my mind around. They’re so grown up. I hope they stop growing soon.

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