Hazel has become quite the big girl these past couple weeks.  She is now sleeping in her crib and eating solids.  I had been feeding her finely processed oatmeal and she did not seem to be enjying it so today I spotted a ripe banana on our counter and mixed it it, JACKPOT!  She was like a ravenous beast. She would attack the spoon if it got anywhere near her mouth and after a while would just keep her mouth open so I would keep shoveling it in.  I had wanted to do veggies before fruits becasue they say it is harder to get them on vegies once they have tasted the sweeter side, but oh well.  She was smiling the whole time and it was so much fun.  I have a picture to share.  As you can tell she is quite the tidy eater.  

She has also been sleeping through the night.  She goes down about 9 and wakes up once to eat then sleeps until about 7.  Most nights there is a bit of crying before sleep but last night she didn’t make a peep.  She must have gotten comfortable right away, or maybe it was the bunny slippers…



4 thoughts on “Big Girl!

  1. Such a cute little messy face! And I agree with Laura, it has to be the bunny slippers. 🙂

    Looks like you figured out the blogroll thingy…I see us on there!

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