Our third anniversary sort of crept up on us.  We don’t usually require much fan-fair but we thought this year was extra special as it is our first year married with a child. We wanted to do something fun to celebrate.  One of Phillip’s great strengths is last-minute trip planning. He always seems to find neat places to stay and good deals.  He was able to secure us a cabin at a little bed and breakfast in Waupaca Wisconsin.  Most B&Bs don’t allow babies but since our room was separate from the main house they allowed it.  We spent three nights and two days there.  Phillip also has some family there so we were able to spend a little time with them as well.  

The first day we walked around down town and visited some of the neat little shops.  We found an old-fashioned wheel barrow and purchased it.  (We had been looking for one for our front yard).  As we were loading it into our car some guy drove up and offered us double what we paid for it.  We had a good chuckle.  He said he had been looking everywhere for something just like it.  We felt bad having found it after only being in town for 10 minutes. After we finished browsing downtown we took Hazel to a little petting zoo nearby.  She really enjoyed the baby goats even though they tried to eat her stroller.  After the zoo we did a bit of hiking around the land by the B&B.  

We were located right off of the Crystal River so many canoers travel by on a daily basis.  Philip really wanted to stand on the log and yell at them when they came by.  Hazel is asleep

Day two we went biking.  It was Hazel’s first bike ride.  We pulled her behind in one of those baby trailers.  We strapped her in and took off.  It seemed she was bouncing around a little too much so after a few minutes we went back to the car and got her car-seat.  We stuck that inside the trailer and that seemed to work quite well for her.We stopped for lunch and Hazel slept in one of the chairs at the cafe. 

Hazel continued to sleep for the first hour and a half and then woke up for the rest of the ride.  We biked around the “green circle trail.”  It is a 26 mile path so we were happy to have made it a little over half-way in 4 hours.

I am not sure if she was happy because she thought we were done, or because she had just woken from a marathon nap?

Family shot.  We took a break about 10 miles into the ride.

What a fun trip.  Sometimes it is nice to get away even if it is somewhere close to home.  

The main house of the B&B

Gazebo at the B&B overlooking the Crystal River

Waupaca Wisconsin



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