height- 25.5 inches

weight- 17.5 lbs

head- 44 cm

She gained exactly two pounds and grew two inches in two months.  The doctor said she looked great and was very healthy. She is still on the short fat side.

She merely whimpered with the 2nd one of 4 shots.  Such a brave girl.  

On a sad note one of our pediatricians, the attractive female, has left the practice.  Phillip says he doesn’t think he will be able to make it to any of the appointments from now on.  Haha.  We did really like her, but Dr.Calvert, the male, is wonderful as well.  Oh, and Dr.Calvert, said her bottom teeth look like they could be coming in any day!  

Other new developments:

  • I forgot to mention last time, Hazel smiles every time she sneezes, it must tickle.
  • She has started this new thing where she sticks her arms straight out and twirls her wrists like she is conducting or stretching in PE.
  • When she thinks something is funny or is being silly she snorts out through her nose and wrinkles her face and nose.
  • She now falls asleep without a struggle every time we put her in her crib as long as we rub her back. She even rolls over so you can really get the whole area. 
  • She still loves the dogs and tries to call them and reach for them whenever they are around.  Dora, the female dog, brought Hazel a (dog) toy when we were all outside last night.  
  • She is getting really close to saying “mommy I love you”… any day now…

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