When I decided to make my own baby food I never realized how easy and rewarding it would be.  These are great benefits in addition to the nutritional aspects. The other day I made mass batches of avacado and sweet potato finely pureaed.  I then froze individual servings in ice cube trays.  Once they froze I popped them out and put them in baggies.  Whenever I need one I just take one out of the bag and sit it in a bowl for a few minutes as it room temps.  (These were all ideas I stole from the wonderful website wholsomebaby.com) I find Hazel likes it a little on the cold side.  It must feel good on her gums.  I read homemade baby food averages to about $. 7 cents a serving size, whereas store bought food is between $.59 – $.89.  That adds up pretty quick.  So far here is what we have so far:

oatmeal ceral-boo

oatmeal cereal with bananas-woohoo

sweet potato-alright

avocado-hmmmm (the jury is still out on this one)


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