We had a bit of a scare the other day.  I am staying the week at my parents house since Phillip has been working out of town.  I fed Hazel some banana cereal, which she has had before, and put her down for a nap.  She slept for about two hours and then woke up vomitting.  After she threw up twice I figured she was done, so I bathed her.  While in the tub she threw up a couple more times and really didn’t stop for the next half hour or so.  I called our pediatrician in Chicago and he said for me to bring her in, which I couldn’t.  He said if she continued to throw up to take her into the ER.  Since I was home alone there was no way I could drive a choking vommiting infant to the ER, so I called 911.  The ambulance came and and Hazel was completely limp and white, exhausted from throwing up almost 15 times.  Since she was stable and breathing they let me carry her while we rode to the hospital in the ambulance.  She threw up two more times on the trip there. 

It took the ambulance almost 15 minutes to get here and apparently they took a wrong turn and asked my uncle, who was outside at his house, where our address was.  Of course my uncle worredly followed the ambulance to the house and also to the ER.  What a good guy.   

My parents left work and were waiting for us at the ER.  One would think that if arriving to the ER via ambulance, their situation may be treated with some immediacy.  NOPE!  We waited for three hours.  We sat with coughing, hacking, bleeding patients probably exposing Hazel to things way worse than she already had.  What a disappointment.  We finally got to see a NP (nurse practitioner) and no disrepect to nurses, we have some mighty fine ones in our family, but after waiting for three hours, I wanted to see a doctor.  Though the nurse was very kind, she seemed inexperienced.  She wanted to give my baby girl a cathader so they could aquire a urine sample to check for a bladder infection.  There was no way that was going to happen.  She already had to endure a thermometer in her rectum… They did a throat swab for strep and said the test results would be back in 5 minutes, after waiting another half hour we decided to leave.  Ironically enough, Hazel hadn’t thrown up since we had gotten to the ER and I had also fed her while we were there and she kept that down as well.  Hazel was exhausted and had not slept all day. We decided whatever it was, the worse had passed and we needed to get her home.  We quickly left, sharply asking the NP to call us with the results.

I understand the ER is a rough place.  It was a very busy day and doctors, nurses, and administracia are highly worked and stressed.  I just feel there has to be a better more efficient way.  I can’t imagine how many people, who really need medical attention, leave out of frustration.  I was lucky enough to have my family there with me. 

Update:  We still have no idea what the problem was.  The nurse did call with the strep test results, which were negative.  It could have been an allergic reaction, a virus, or who knows… Hazel has been in very good spirits after she was able to nap and recover somewhat.  She hasn’t slept well the past two nights but she is also teething which may be part of the problem.  She still has a great appetite and did not suffer from any dehydration thankfully. 

Lessons learned: 

  1. If you think you may need and ambulance don’t hesitate, call, it may take them 15 minutes to arrive. 
  2. Take a book, games, food, cell phone charger, change of clothes and a cot if planning on going to the ER
  3. Always follow your (motherly) instincts

4 thoughts on “Day In the ER

  1. OH my lord. Scary. You did the right thing. I hate hospitals. And I feel the same way about everything you did and said. Give love to Hazel. x

  2. I am glad she is doing better~ Finley had diareah (sp?) and didn’t feel like herself for a few days last week. My neice and nephew were both throwing up last week too. I wonder if we picked up a viurs over the 4th of July from someone. Finley’s symptoms didn’t start till probably Tuesday and yesterday was the first day she really felt alot better. Though she didn’t throw up she was going to bathroom more than twice a day which is way unusual for her and eating less than normal. We went to the doctor on Friday and the Doctor said they had alot in with vomitting and diareah and that they had to admit two little ones. I am glad they are both feeling better~

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