Once again we were out of town this past week.  We traveled the state North to South.  They have declared the area surrounding where my parents live, a disaster area, after 95mph hurricane-like winds tore through the QCA two weeks ago.  There were some still without power while we were there.  Trees and power-lines were down everywhere.  We visited some good family friends whose trees were uprooted and some snapped in half.  Just devastating.

We then headed to Salem to visit our family dentist there.  It is a long way to travel for teeth, but with the price of dental insurance, it is worth the haul for Uncle David to check us out!  While we were there I got a chance to see some of my best girl friends from college and even took a trip to my old alma-matter.  I hadn’t been back since graduation.  The historic Hogue Hall which had been the poster building for Greenville College since its beginning, was being torn down.  Sad, but as I am told, lucky it hadn’t just collapsed due to decay.

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