A lot has happened these past couple weeks, but nothing so significant as the arrival of Hazel’s first two bottom teeth.  Merle and Fred.  We had one sleepless night before they arrived the following morning.  They are just barely poking through the gums, but they are there.  Hazel will not allow them to be photographed at this time.  

In other Hazel news:

  • She is very close to crawling, any day now…
  • She has figured out how to bang objects together
  • She is eating some new foods: peas, apples, peaches and pears
  • she now wraps her arms and legs around us when we hold her, so cute.  She clings for dear life espeialy when we are trying to lay her down to sleep.
  • Occasionally on long road trips I will get Hazel out of her seat for a minute or two to stretch.  She loves grabbing onto the head-rest of the drivers seat and starring through.
Still more to come on Kansas City trip and American Idol Auditions.

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