My good friend, Katie, and her husband, Tim, came to visit us on Sunday and stayed until this morning.  Katie and I have stayed in contact since we met on a semester abroad in Austrlia my junior year of college.  She and her husband have been living in Louisian for the past two years working with “at risk” youth.  They have just recently accepted a ministry position at a church in Northern Michigan. We got to see them on the way to their new home.  It was so nice to visit and Katie even made us dinner last night, egg plant lasagna, yum!!!  We are trying to get away from eating so much meat, so Katie, who is a vegetarian, was teaching me some easy recipes to start with.

Tim, Hazel, and Katie

Katie and I went to IKEA yesterday and I quite a fun time.  We were there for 3 hours!  I am not sure how familiar everyone is with Ikea, but after you leave you literally feel like you have ran a marathon.  There is so much to see, it is asthetically overwhelming.  Needless to say we were pooped last night.  But not too tired to forget to hang the new mug rack and go find some clearance Starbucks mugs at 10pm!!!  We were quite proud of our find, Katie got one as well.  For only $3 total this rack and hooks could too be yours!!!!

After arranging mugs for 30 minutes, we ended with this combo

reflecting on our awesome mug rack

Special thanks to Phillip for hanging the rack even though he insisted it was a towel bar.


3 thoughts on “Awesome Mug Rack

  1. I wish I would have known you would have liked one of those! I have one from our previous apartment and can’t use it here at the house. I would have given you mine. It really is nice to have and it looks really cute.

  2. I don’t know if you made the Tex Mex pasta with meat or not, but I definitely think you could do without the meat in that one! Or maybe even just half the meat.

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