My brother, former UNI track standout, Dorian Ulrey, has just recently transferred to The university of Arkansas, Fayetteville.  I felt the need to blog about this recent string of events, as there has been much speculation and falsities being spread on the web in regards to his decision to leave UNI.  In this computer age it is to be expected, but since i too have the resources and tools to disprove these statements, I intend to.

Let me first say, my brother works harder than anyone I have ever known.  He trains year-round, during breaks, on vacation, while sick and often in unfavorable weather.  This is the life of a D1 runner, but he gives 110% all of the time.  Heart and soul, committed to running.  Respecting the gift and giving nothing less than his best. Academically he works hard to maintain his grades and is successful in doing so. Although the rigors placed on a student athlete are immense, he has and continues to remain eligible throughout his college career. 

Since finding out this past summer his coach of two years, Chris Bucknam, was taking the head coaching job at Arkansas, Dorian had a tough decision to make.  To stay and work with the team he loyally produced for and with the past two years.  Or, follow the coach he trusted to a new school.  Many called it a no- brainer.  Arkansas has the best all around facilities of any school in the nation with seemingly unlimited resources.  Not to mention an ideal running climate year round. But for Dorian, it was an extremely hard decision.  He is loyal to say the least, and leaving his teammates at UNI was extremely difficult.  His friendships and commitments could not simply be thrown by the wayside.  He deliberated for weeks.  In the end, he chose a program he felt would ultimately best set the stage for what we hope to be a great career. 

He harbors no ill feelings towards the school, coaching staff, or his teammates.  UNI released Dorian with regret but wished him the best in his running career and did not want to “stand in the way” of his dreams.  What an upstanding and classy institution and coaching staff.

I for one, will continue to cheer on the panthers.  Although, I will have to change my cheering attire a bit.  Red really is a better color on me anyway.


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