Two years ago in August we decided to buy a house in Chicago. We moved here primarily for the growing theatre industry, so I could pursue a career in Musical Theatre.  Housing, at that time, was so expensive we couldn’t afford much of a house, unless we were willing to renovate.  Therefore, though completely inexperienced, we decided to take on this huge project.  Our house renovation has been an entire family and friends affair, 2 years in the making.  We are not entirely finished with every small project.  However, the house has transformed, with the incredible help of our loved ones, into a home.  I decided i would start posting before and after pics.  

This project has also sparked an interest in interior design for me.  I am even contemplating going back to school.  Since I am not quite sure I am ready to take all that on at this time, I am enrolled in a non-credit, intro to interior design class this fall.  We’ll see how that goes before I decide to continue my education.  

I will post one room at a time, so as not to bombard you.  KITCHEN/LIVING ROOM FIRST:


the lady we bought the house from (can you tell she’s a teacher?)

We took out the wall where the fridge is entirely

gutted and wall torn out, and yes, the walls were pink under the wall-paper, seriously???

Phillip helping dad…or not

saying goodbye to nasty red and painting the cabinets

We left the flooring to the professionals.

Dad made the breakfast bar we installed where the wall used to be.  We were able to get a remnant piece of granite for the table top (about half the price of a cut to order piece) 

The Kitchen Now!!!

Living room before

Kitchen/Living Room wall torn out for breakfast bar



I will post more house pics later!


4 thoughts on “House Renovation Complete!

  1. Amazing! I think you should become an interior designer. I think you would be great at it and you are such a creative person.

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