What an eventful day we had!  

Wednesday is the Farmer’s Market which I just discovered last week and is right down the road.  I love it!  It is so fun and the produce is wonderful.  I pay the same or less than the grocery store price and I get to meet the farmer who grows what we are eating, awesome!  They also let us try anything we ask.  It is great for Hazel too since it is outside and there is live music to keep her entertained while I browse.  We got some summer squash, peppers, apples, peaches, green beans and whole wheat pita bread! 

Yesterday, I put Hazel in the laundry basket and almost as quickly as I set her in it, she pulled herself up using the side of the basket.  She acted as though she had done this a million times before.  She even got all fancy and held on with one arm while waving with the other.  What a big girl.  

Also, Hazel has this stuffed bear Casey gave her when she was first born.  Lately she has developed quite a fixation for “Mr. Bear.”  I think she thinks it is a puppy.  She plays with him constantly.  Anyway, she took it with her to visit Dora at the doggy gate last night.  Dora tried to lick the bear through the gate and Hazel yelled and pulled the Bear away.  It was too cute.  I guess she didn’t want to share.  

We went on our usual walk yesterday afternoon and it occurred to me that, Hazel had never seen a leaf close up.  With the first signs of fall dusting the ground I found a beautiful brown leaf.  Hazel loved it.  Of course she tried to eat it.  However, after she realized it tasted like dirt, she stopped.  She seemed to enjoy the crinkling sound and texture in her hands.  The leaf was almost as big as she was.

Lastly.  I bought some baby tennis shoes long ago on clearance at Target.  They seemed so huge they would never fit her.  Well last night I got them out and they were almost too small.   Phillip was getting ready to go on a run so we dressed Hazel in some jogging gear, they stretched and away they went.  (Phillip pushed Hazel in the jogger).

Outfit compliments of Laura and Elijah


I almost forgot.  We tuned into the Republican Convention last night to hear Sarah Palin’s highly anticipated speech.  There was a lot of clapping and Hazel chimed in a few times yelling and clapping.  I just hope she doesn’t become a politician…


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