This weekend we traveled the state from one end to the other.  Saturday morning we traveled down to Shiloh (near St. Louis) for my good friend Joy’s baby shower. She is due the end of November with a baby girl.  The shower was so beautiful I took pictures of everything.  Her mother and sister-in-law, really outdid themselves. I just have to post some of the pictures from the beautiful shower. 

The towering table of gifts

Greenville girls modeling the refreshment table

Joyful and Me

Our table

The cake

Table centerpieces *three tiers of candles, homemade pastries=nicer than my wedding

Saturday night our friend Chris, who lives on the North side of Chicago was having a football party for the Auburn game.  He is an Auburn alumn.  So after we left lunch at Joy’s we drove straight through to Chicago.  Quite a lot of driving.  


Go War Eagles

Go War Eagles

I owe my husband a huge thanks for hauling Hazel and I everywhere.  I had originally planned on making the trip south alone, but decided 4 hours was far too long to go alone, in a car, with Hazel.  She requires constant entertainment these days.  Graciously Phillip offered to chauffeur us.  While I was at the shower Phillip, and his mom ad dad took Hazel to Sears to get her pictures taken.  I am sure both Hazel and Grandma and Grandpa had a fun visit.  


Big Girl

Big Girl


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