Of course there were several more, but these were my favorites.  I must say, we have gone to “The Picture People” for all of Hazel’s pictures (3, 6 and 9 months) and we have been quite impressed.  They are quick, friendly, good, inexpensive and did I mention quick.  Our appointment was at 10am and we were leaving the mall with pictures in hand a little after 11.  

*To explain the green rain-coat and galoshes.  When my friend Trish came to visit back in March she brought Hazel a ton of adorable clothes.  She had thought these looked a little big, but would fit her in a few months.  The galoshes are 5-6T, meaning years old!  The raincoat is 18 months though, so we will be wearing that shortly.  Anyway, I thought we should take them along to get some cute pics for Trish since she may forget in 5 years she even gave them to Hazel.  Hahaha.  Also the Picture People really liked the polka dot get-up and asked permission to post those pics in the store.  Thanks Trish!!! 



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