We went for the wonderful (shot-free) 9 month check-up today and Hazel was fantastic.  Although the appointment encroached on her nap time she sat perfectly still as Dr. Calvert examined her.  She didn’t fuss a bit, except when it was time to put her clothes back on.  Dr. Calvert said her top two teeth would be here any day and it was no wonder she had been having restless nights and other teething symptoms, that was indeed what was happening.  Hazel has also caught up in her height.  She, for the first time, was above the 25th percentile for height coming in at 28 inches, putting her above the 50th percentile!

* Sidenote, I am not obcessed with percentiles.  We just thought, with such a tall father, it was funny for Hazel to be in the lower percetile for height.  So enough gab, here are the stats.

Weight: 19lbs

Height: 28inches

Head: Not sure what the measurement was, but she was in the 50th percentile.

Hazel has been crawling and pulling up on objects for a couple weeks now.  She hasn’t pulled into the full standing position until yesterday.  Phillip went to get her out of her crib after her afternoon nap and said “Amanda come look at your daughter.” There she was standing holding onto the side of her crib acting like she has done it a million times before.


Standing in the Crib

Standing in the Crib


2 thoughts on “9 Month Stats

  1. I have internet tonight! AHH! Javen just had his 6 mo on the 22nd. 27inches (71%) and 20.9lbs (91%). Also in response to once of your older posts…people call Javen a girl all the time. I guess the blue clothes with sports balls and dump trucks don’t give a good enough hint to his gender. People are stupid. Hazel is a beautiful baby girl and it’s so obvious!

  2. As much as I don’t want my boys to grow up….I have to say I am looking forward to this stage! When you go to get them in the morning and they are waiting to greet you.

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