My brother texted me this morning to wish Hazel a happy ten month birthday and I have to say I had completely forgotten.  Time continues to fly by.  I double checked with Phillip and consulted a calendar to see if it was really already the 12th of October!  Indeed it was.  Thanks Dorian.  I am glad someone knows what day it is.

10 month Happenings:


  • Hazel really likes books with actual pictures in them.  She is not a huge fan of Golden Books or cartoonish pictures, but she loves books with people, especially babies in them.  We look at picture albums a lot and she really enjoys that as well.  She has also started turning the pages.
  • She turns objects over in her hands.  She was giving the dogs some treats the other night and would flip the little bone over and over in her hands to examine both sides of it.
  • She loves balls.  She will chase them around for hours.
  • She is now bathing in the big bath-tub and loves it.  I do too as I can leave her in longer and she can’t escape like the baby tub.
  • She is pointing a lot and saying “dadada.”  The other day we were sitting in a Starbucks and she did this and when I looked to see what she was pointing at there was a man waiting for his drink who looked very much like Phillip, coincidence?  I think not.  
  • She has started bopping her head when she hears music.
  • When she holds out her hand toward you she wants to touch your face.  It is really cute.  
  • She loves Tofu.
  • She is now a pro at crawling through the chairs at the table.
  • Her favorite game is crawl and seek.  We crawl ahead and peak our heads around the corner and she sprint-crawls to where we were.  She smiles, yells and laughs the whole time.
  • She reaches up and turns the music player on in her crib.  The first time we heard this it was quit funny.  She had been napping and the player is up quite high.  We heard music and went in to Hazel’s room.  Sure enough she was standing right by the musical turtle listening to the music and watching the lights.
  • She loves being outside.  
  • She pulls up and is standing most of the time now.  She went from crawling to standing practically overnight. 
Hazel is the most incredible gift I could have ever asked for.  We thank God everyday for blessing us with such a precious little girl.  She has the most beautiful personality.  She is funny, silly, sweet, smart (of course), loving, and I could go on and on.  After just ten months I can hardly remember what life was like without our sweet baby.  Here are some shots on her 10 month birthday!
Mrs. Banana Face

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