This past week Hazel and I traveled with my parents down to Fayetteville, Arkansas to see my brother, at U of A, where he attends school.  Saturday, he raced in the Chile Pepper Run, a long standing cross country tradition at the U of A.  There were about 4-5 thousand spectators and runners, quite the event.  They had tacos and margaritas available at 7 in the morning, hahah.  Dorian ran extremely well, setting a PR by 2 minutes.  He took 13th out of a 300+ field.  He even took a nasty spill due to a push in the first mile.  He got up and bled for the next 5 miles before finishing, nearly in top ten contention.   After the meet we took a day trip up to Devil’s Den.  We did some hiking and saw the sights.  We had such a wonderful weekend visiting and hitting the local “hot spots” according to our tour guide (Dorian). The weather was beautiful the whole time. Hazel missed a few naps, but was once again quite the trooper, never wanting to miss a moment of socializing or playing.


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