I think this Halloween was the nicest one I have ever been alive for.  It was sunny and in the high sixties!  

When Phillip got home from work we took Hazel out trick-or-treating.  The original plan was to put a sadle on Copper (our dog) and take him along as her “horse”.  I dropped the ball on that one since I never even looked for a sadle.   Instead, we put some antler ears on him that we already had and tied him up to the wagon.  Copper pulled Hazel around the neighborhood.  He was almost as big of a hit as she was.  He got doggy treats, bones and rawhides at almost every house we visited.  You know what they say about Chicago, it is the most dog-friendly big city in the US, I guess it is true!  

Our next door neighbor’s, Joe and Fran, were waiting for us, and had the perfect treat for Hazel.  They gave her a little bottle of “to go” Cheerios and a pumpkin balloon.  My mom had given her a little trick or treating bag so we put her cheerios inside.  

The next house we went to gave her a sucker.  Hazel was polite and smiled, but when we got back to the wagon she reached into the bag, pulled out the sucker and through it over the side of the wagon.  She held the cheerios the rest of the way.  

It was amazing to me,  how much candy we got just visiting our 5 closest neighbors.  Don’t worry, we do not at all intend on giving any of it to her.


One thought on “Trick or Treat!

  1. Hi Amanda! I love your blog site so much I decided to start one of my own…needless to say I am awful with the picture portion. Could you give me any help in downloading multiple pics at once like you have done with you Halloween pics?
    Brooke (DeLaCruz/Criswell)

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