I have usually been writing the Hazel updates on a monthly basis, but she has been doing so many new things lately I can’t wait another week and a half to write about them.

  • When she hears the bath-water running she crawls as fast as she can to the bathroom and pulls up on the tub.  The other day she pulled at her shirt, I am assuming she made the connection that the clothes have to come off.
  • She makes this new strange clicking noise with her mouth.  I will try to figure out how to post the video we took of her doing it.  We can’t figure out how she is making the noise.  It sounds like the noise the aliens make on the movie “Independence Day”
  • her first joke:  She offers you something then when you say “thank you” and go to grab it from her, she pulls it away and laughs.  Yes it sounds a little devious, but it is so cute.  
  • When she wakes up in the morning she stands up and turns on her musical turtle.  She figured out that way we would hear the music and know she was awake instead of her having to actually get our attention.
  • Whenever we say “Yaaaaah Hazel”, she claps her hands.  
  • She loves taking things out of drawers, baskets, off of shelves, and throwing the contents on the ground.  
  • She can walk a few steps with her push cart. 
  • She can reach the knobs on the stove.  Scary! 

I am sure I will post more later, but I had to get these down while they were fresh in my mind.  Here are a few new pictures as well.

Daddy and Hazel

Daddy and Hazel

Grandma put hazel on the exercise ball

Grandma put Hazel on the exercise ball

Hazel loved being pushed around in Mommy's Scrapin' Case

Hazel loved being pushed around in Mommy's scrapin' case

Helping Mommy Cook

Helping Mommy Cook


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