This past weekend our little family, dogs included, loaded up and headed to Traverse City, Michigan, to visit our good friends Katie and Tim Kirkpatrick.  We had such a fun time with them.  Tim even commented that he wanted a Hazel, not a baby mind you, but “a Hazel.”  I think Hazel and Tim got along so well because they are fellow red heads. They share that special bond.  

We had a fun yet relaxing time in Michigan.  The drive was not bad at all, just under 5 hours and Hazel slept the whole way!!!!! We got in late Friday night.  Saturday we took some family pictures.  Katie has just started a photography business and wanted to get some new shots for her website.  They might not be up for a while, but I will post the link if you are interested in checking out some of her work- http://www.imagesbykatielynn.com/welcome.html. Then we bundled up and headed downtown Traverse City.  It was a cute little town with lots of shops and cafes.  We walked around and took some pictures trying to capture some of the remaining fall colors.  Sunday, we went with Katie and Tim to church. Hazel played in the nursery and enjoyed some toddler time.  After church Tim and Phillip took the dogs way out into the country and let them run.  The dogs were in Heaven.  The girls stayed at home, as it was snowing and quite cold. We got back late last night and the dogs have been sleeping ever since.  Guess that clean country air and exercise really exhausted them.  


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