Hazel turned one year old last Friday!  Things have been crazy so I apologize to those of you that have been expecting a post.  We had a party with close family and friends on Saturday.  I have several pictures from the weekend events before and after her birthday so I am going to post them all.  

Hazel’s first birthday party was a success.  We played “name that month” where we put up a picture from every month of Hazel’s life and the party goers had to figure out which month went with which picture (harder than you might think).  We also had a slideshow of pictures from the past year.  Both my father and I made one.  The birthday cake was carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and vanilla ice cream.  We had family and friends travel from near and far to celebrate.  What a lucky girl, she is so loved.  Here are some one-year milestones.

  • Hazel can now stand alone, but when she realizes she is, sits abruptly back down
  •  She went for her second flu shot today and weighed in at 20.5 lbs and 30.25 inches long
  • She waves good bye and blows kisses (in her own way)
  • She goes and gets her ‘mini sweeper’ when i turn on the swiffer vac
  • She can put various shapes in their holes after we show her where they go
  • She can sign, ‘food’ ‘more’ ‘bath’ and ‘drink’ 
  • She flushes the toilet and waves goodbye to the potty inside
  • Drops her passie back in the crib once she wakes up.  We only allow it for sleeping.
  • Feeds grapes to the dogs.  The other day she kept one grape in her hand after lunch.  She wanted down so I got her out of her highchair, she crawled over and fed Dora the grape.  What a stinker.
  • She is weened and drinking soy milk.  We tried whole milk but she wouldn’t drink it.  She absolutely loves soy.  The doctor said this was common in breast fed babies as breast milk is sweeter.  Especially mine, as I am a chocolate addict.  

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