A friend of mine from high school has a fabulous blog which I frequent.  She has a little boy a month and a half older than Hazel.  I love reading what she is doing with Daniel because mostly all of her ideas are fabulous and I steal them, muahahaha.  She  and her husband recently began potty training him and he is doing quite well from what I have read.  So we decided, why not try with Hazel?  After all, Phillip has been saying all along that  “she will be potty trained by one and half cause thats how they did it back in the old days.”

Thursday evening we purchesd a trainer, which goes on-top of the adult potty.  Friday morning I set her on it and gave her a book.  She sat for about 5 minutes and out popped a tiny brown surprise.  I was so excited, Hazel had no idea what I was so exuberant about, she kept on reading about her baby animals.  I wanted so badly to grab the camera.  She was sitting very astute with her hands on the pink handles with her legs crossed.  I dared not leave the room as a fall would definatey not be helpful for the potty training experience.  Instead, I stayed and turned pages for her.  

After lunch and a bottle I asked her if she needed to potty, showed her the sign, and whisked her away to the toilet.  After about 10 minutes the tinkle tinkle was music to my ears.  I never imagined peeing and pooping could make me so happy.  Once again Hazel had not a clue.  

Last night we were out for quite  a while and were not able to continue training, which was not good.  I have heard the most important thing about potty training is consistency.  If that is truely the case, we were already off to a bad start.  

*Of course there were bowl movements in between the miracoulous toilet deposits.  But I am only focusing on the ones that made it into the potty.*

We put her on the toilet this morning for about 15 minutes to no evail, she did get some good reading in though.  Then this afternoon she got fussy and made a sign somewhat similar to the the “potty” sign.  Phillip took her in right away and what do you know, potty in the toilet!!!!  We were so excited.  

Unfortunately I do start work on Monday, so potty training at daycare will be difficult, however we do plan on working very hard while we are at home and on  the weekends.  Who knows, Phillip might just get his wish after all!!!


2 thoughts on “Potty Training???

  1. Way to go, Hazel! We’re starting next week when we get to our new home. Maybe they’ll both be trained by the time you get here!

  2. How old is she? Brenna potty trained at 22 months and it was freaking awesome. She was always wanting to sit on the toilet which honestly drove me totally crazy because she never did anything. Then one day she pottied and that was it! Never wore diapers again.

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