To Target.  Yes this is about Target (the store), not Hazel.  Maybe everyone and their brother already knows that all Christmas decorations are 75 percent off at target right now.  This was a huge deal for us, as we plan on having Christmas at our house next year for the first time. We are planning on going all out.  I mean ALL OUT, lights on the roof, the whole 9 yards.  We got 100 strand lights for $2 a box.  Two huge boxes of beautiful glass ornaments for our first real tree, $7 total!!!  I had to share, just in case there were any Target shoppers who didn’t realize the ridiculous discounts occurring at a Target near you!


2 thoughts on “Run, Don’t Walk…

  1. Can’t wait to see your house! It’ll be dazzling….

    Did you know that Target is now selling Tim Tams?!
    I don’t know if you fell in love with them while in Australia, but man oh man they’re good…

  2. Oh my goodness Megan! I had completely forgotten about Tim Tams!!! I loved them and brought several boxes back but that was many years ago. I will for sure be checking that out in my next Target visit.

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