I wasn’t sure how to title this blog.  I wanted to explain my new position and decision to enter the workforce.  I was going to title it “working mom.”  However, wouldn’t that imply that a stay at home mom, is not a working mom?  This is categorically untrue, and I must say,  I feel less tired after a day of “working” than after a full day at home with Hazel.  Therefore, I am a working mom X’s 2.  A mother and a Parent Educator.

Just before Thanksgiving break, Phillip told me about a (Parent Educator) position available in his district at the Early Childhood Center.  It did not require an education degree, just a 4 year degree in a related field.  He thought it was a position that would suite me well.  After reading the description of the position online, I agreed.  I actually got goosebumps.  I know, I am a weirdo.  It was something I felt so passionate about already and honesty didn’t know programs like this even existed.  The Focus on Families program is for at risk families of children ages 0-3.  We provide a community outreach with a focus on education. Equipping parents with the tools they need to be good leaders, active in their children’s lives.  This is the description in a nutshell.  To make a long story short.  I applied, interviewed and was offered the position.  I started the week before Christmas, then had two and half weeks off, rough, I know. 

The program works as such:  During a normal week we visit homes of families enrolled in the program.  This is a way to more personally and intimately know a family and its workings.   We also conduct play groups.   Play groups are three days a week.  Half of the play group time is spent interacting with kids and parents during craft, musical and game time.  Then, for the second half, the children play alone (with other adult supervision) while the mothers (and fathers) meet with us in the conference room and discuss issues pertinent to their children’s developmental and educational growth, as well as other topics parents may want to explore.

It was a hard decision to leave home.  I think a parent staying at home is one of the most incredible gifts we can give our children, if possible. It is also an incredible blessing for those mothers (or fathers) who are able to do so.  For me, it was a matter of giving back.  We have so much.  Such a wonderful family, good health, and no needs going unmet.  Unfortunately, we are in the minority.  There are families hungry, hurting and unable and many times, unavailable, for their chilren  When this opportunity presented itself to be involved in a program that reaches these families,  I couldn’t help but feel that “we are belssed to bless others.”  If I can, in any way, help a family, or young child succeed, it is all worth it.

Hazel attends “school” 5 minutes away from the ECC where I work.  I am able to spend time with her in the morning and during lunch. I am able to pick her up by 3pm, and home we go.  Phillip and I will even be able to carpool once the school play is over in January, which he is assistant directing.  So far, the situation is working out nicely.  Hazel’s teachers are very nice and there are only 5 other babies in her class.  All teacher’s kids, as it is a program for teacher’s in the district.  Hazel enjoys sharing her lunch with them, but not toys.  

She is actually under the weather today, so i am staying home with her.   I think it is just a cold, but she has been battling an ear infection for a few weeks now and we are going to head to the doctor later to make sure things aren’t worsening.  I leave you now with our newest “hide the baby” series. 

“Hazel in The Hamper”  

hmmm, where could she be?





3 thoughts on “Working MomX2

  1. You are amazing!
    We definitely are blessed to bless others and it sounds like a definite God opportunity by the way you describe it.
    What an incredible impact you’re making!

    Love you!

  2. It’s funny, the things one can find in the clothes hamper! No need to “throw the baby out with the bathwater”, she’s a keeper! (am I as clever as I’m trying to be?) lol

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