There are so many new things Hazel is doing and I don’t write everything down, thinking I will remember later.  As the intricate details of stories start to slip I, know it is time to get typing!

13 month news…

  • We have some new signs: potty and book. 

 She will make the potty sign, so we take her  into the bathroom, undress her, then she does the limp noodle routine and crawls away as fast as possible.  She loves to be free and I mean free.  Now-a-days a diaper is torture for her.  She prefers all natural.  When she messes while she is sleeping she wakes up making the “potty” sign, the pieces are starting to come together.  

  • Not walking yet, but she can squat and pick up objects and stand up unassisted.
  • Her first words “I Love You”, no joke. Although this may not be discernible to the non-mother ear.
  • She loves cottage cheese.  That is her favorite food hands down.  If she is eating something else and thinks you may have some, she will spit out whatever is in her mouth, to make room for the cottage cheese.
  • Hazel loves to dance and knows what the word means.  She starts flailing her hands in the air and boucing up and down.  She apparently inherited my dance moves.  
  • She loves to wave, chat, smile and flirt with strangers when we are out and about.  I love the warmth she brings to a frustrated grocery line.  
  • She says “uh-oh” before she drops something
  • Her hair fits easily into a piggy tail on the top of her head.  Her hair is so long and funny, with lots of stick straight pieces mingling with curls.  
  • She thinks her forward facing car-seat is hilarious and always laughs when we first take off.  I think she thinks she is tricking me by facing forward.  We make faces at each-other in the rearview mirror, which I love, probably not the safest thing though. 
  • When the dogs try to come in through the gate she pushes their heads back and slams the gate it in their faces.  She is one tough cookie.
  • She tries to put on her own socks, brushes her own hair and even can use a q-tip. (As in, she touches the brush to her head and the q-tip to her ear and occasionally her eye and mouth.)

I know there must be so much more, but it is late and my mind fails me.  I will add to this if something does come to mind.  Here are some new pics as well.

visit from grandma and grandpa


Showing some UOA Spirit


Hiding behind my jeans and a hanger


crazy hair: exhibit A



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