This blog is a tad all over the place as a lot has happened over these past few days.

This long President’s Day weekend we traveled to Cincinnati for cousin Finley’s 1st birthday party.  Finley and Hazel are just two months apart so we always love opportunities to watch them play and interact.   It was so much fun.  The theme of the birthday party was cupcakes and the decorations were so cute.

While we were packing to head home on Sunday Hazel got into our toiletry bag and began brushing her teeth with my tooth brush.  She unzipped the bag, reached in and found the toothbrush completely unassisted.  Thus, proving her independence and strong desire to maintain her dental hygiene.  

Then last night once we were home Hazel demonstrated  some more “new discoveries.”  For a while now Hazel has been  wiping her own mouth with a  napkin or tissue, or really anything soft  lying around.  If we ask her to “wipe your mouth” she will dab it ever so daintily.  Anyway, last night I was changing her and she reached over her head to grab a wipe, she then brought it down and patted her bottom.  I said “good girl, you are WIPING your own bottom”  To which then then proceeded to bring the wipe up to her mouth and continue her usual dainty mouth padding.  So icky, but so funny.  I laughed and then took mental note that the word wipe ALWAYS means face.  I need to be careful what she is holding in her hand and where it has been if I want to ever say that word again.  

Last night Hazel also played a walking game.  I was baking cookies for the first time and devoting all of my attention to them. Hazel started yelling and when I turned around she was walking towards me.  Of course my excitement frightened her she she sat down immediately.  Then she discovered a fun activity.  I would set her down on the kitchen floor, she would take 5-6 steps towards me, then crawl away to the bedroom.  I would chase her, pick her up and bring her back to the kitchen where she would perform the same routine again.  We did this for about a half hour.  Thus proving, she can walk, she just doesn’t want to yet.  

One thought on “Long Weekend Fun!

  1. Hurray, Hazel! It will be soooo fun when you guys come and we have to chase 2 toddlers around all the time. Elijah also is OBSESSED with brushing his teeth. He seriously wants his teeth brushed 5-6 times a day. I have to draw the line although I also want to promote good dental hygiene. We just can’t spend hours out of our day with the toothbrush.

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