Yes, I know this is also the title of the recent movie, but I couldn’t resist.  Within the past two weeks, Hazel,  has become obsessed with books.    She has enjoyed them for quite some time.  Only recently has she started picking her own books out, bringing them to the us and then climbing onto our lap.  She also has to get snuggled into the lap and cannot enjoy the reading until she is settled in just right.  She even lets out a little squeak of excitement followed by a body shiver when she is ready.  She can hardly wait for the book to open.   She vigorously turns the pages and points to objects of interest.  When the book ends, she flips back to the start ( if its one of her favorites)or finds another.  It is so fun seeing the transformation from a 5-8 month old with no interest in reading, to a 14 month old who loves books!

In Other News….


EEEsh- fish

dahd, or dada-dad


duck-duck, ball, or anything else really 

at, caat -cat

  • she loves fish they have a tank at her school and we cannot walk past it without stopping to look at the “eeesh.”
  • Hazel thinks fake sneezing is hilarious and so we appease her by occasionally doing the “a, a, a, cheeeew!”  Yesterday she was walking around the kitchen and said “a, a , a, sh*t.”  Thats right, her first expletive.  Not sure where she picked this up.  Probably at school, those potty mouthed one year olds.  
  • Her favorite book “Please Puppy Please.”  There is a red ball which appears 3 times over the course of the 15 page book.  She skips through all the pages until she finds the red ball.  
  • She has learned the art of stalling at bedtime.  She continues grabbing more and more books because mommy has a hard time saying no to books.  We have set the limit at 3 for bedtime. 
  • She loves her baby dirt devil mop.  She pretends its a vacuum and makes a “vroom” noise the whole time she uses it.  This is actually when she has taken most of her steps.  She is so involved in her vacuuming she doesn’t realize she is walking around.  
  • She loves to dance and knows where the play button is on the Cd player.  When she is ready to get her groove on she points to the player and pushes the button.
  • She helps unload the dishwasher.  We take the knives out of course and then she hands us each individual utensil.  She also helps with the tupperware rack.  It does lengthen the unloading process, but she is so cute and really likes to help.  

Here are some recent shots…


One thought on “The Reader

  1. Haha. I love the Grandma Blanche face. Brilliant. I’m glad she really likes books, because I was worried that we wouldn’t have enough toys for her to play with when you come. Elijah only has 3 toys he actually plays with (rarely) he usually just reads books and climbs on things, so I don’t see the point in buying him fancy toys that he just discards. But now, I’m not worried, she’ll have plenty of books to read here.

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