Hazel has been battling an ongoing ear infection for the past almost two months.  Thankfully we went for a re-check this past Tuesday and her ears were, almost, entirely clear.  We think the infection was definitely effecting her balance and language development.  It makes a lot of sense that just this week she has been talking up a storm and walking all over the place!  She clearly is feeling better.  Here are some of her new words.  She also started holding her pointer finger to her lips and saying “shhh.”  She does this when we say someone is sleeping.  I am guessing she picked this on up at school.  Adorable.

Hazel’s Vocabulary


Hi- Hi

Moe- more


pees- please

anks- thank you

I ra ra- I love you

eesh- fish

caat- cat

eesh- cheese

sews- shoes

hot- hot



bus- bus

ari ri- alright (telling the dogs when it is okay to eat)

sh- sit (for the dogs)


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