We have been trying to gradually put Hazel down earlier at night.  I feel badly having to wake her up in the mornings so we thought perhaps she would be more bright eyed if we got her down earlier at night.  Tonight we tried for 6:30, she moaned and talked for about 15 minutes which isn’t unusual, then she started making a strange noise I had never her before.  (At this point it is important to mention we have been putting baby vapor rub on her chest and feet at night to help suppress  the coughing.)  Anyway, I went into her room and she reached for me in a panic.  I of course picked her up and felt a strange hard protrusion on her leg.  Turns out we zipped the tub of vapor rub up in her nighty with her.  Poor thing it had to have been terribly uncomfortable!


4 thoughts on “Poor Thing

  1. HAHAHA. Oh my goodness. I was so worried reading that post. It’s so dramatic. Then the end comes out of nowhere. Hilarious. Poor Hazel.

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