Yes, it is true at the age of 16 months Hazel has chores she performs on a daily basis around the house.  

Hazel’s To Do List:

Pick up Daddy’s socks.  Everyday Phillip comes home from work, takes of his socks, and leaves them in the entrance way.  I don’t know who he thinks is supposed to pick them up, but it is surely not me.  After asking him for about the 100th time to please put his socks in the hamper, he started training Hazel to do it.  Now he comes home and says “Hazel put the socks in the hamper.”  She picks them up, using both hands as if they are the heaviest things she has ever carried, takes them into our room, and puts them in the hamper.  She now picks up any and all stray socks she finds around the house and puts them in our hamper.

Sweep the floor.  Every time I get out the swiffer- vac she grabs her kiddy mop and starts cleaning as well.  It doesn’t matter where she is or what she is doing.  She drops everything when she hears it and comes running with her mop.  Sometimes even when I am not vacuming she gets out hers anyway and makes her own “vroom” noise while she cleans.

Feeds the dogs.  For months Phillip has been taking her with him to feed Dora and Copper.  He tells her they get two scoops, holding up two fingers, then tells them to “sit” then “alright”  when they can start eating.  Now-a-days, Hazel, runs the show.  Phillip asks her how many scoops, she says “twoow” and will hold up any combination of fingers trying to show “two.”  She then tells them to “Seeeeet” and then “awright” when they can eat.  One night she even tried to scoop the food herself.   She dropped the food on the floor, but proceeded to pick up each peice one by one and put them into the dog bowl.

Unload the dishwasher.  Whenever we have a clean load we unload the sharp and breakable objects, then call Hazel over.  She takes out the items on the bottom rack and will hand them to whichever adult is putting the dishes away.  Her favorite thing to unload: spoons, occasionally she will run off with one.  

What is a fair allowance at this age??????


trying to trade daddy her show for the spoon

trying to trade daddy her shoe for the spoons


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