Today we went to the doctor because Hazel has had a loose cough and I was worried her ear infection was back.  Good news, it isn’t, but she does have a cold and thrush, which is yeast in the mouth.  The doctor advised it might be a good time to get rid of the pacifier, as we would have to boil it every night until the thrush is gone anyway.  (Hazel has still been using her pacifier for naps and bedtime.)  

When we got home I handed Hazel her binky, opened the cabinet door where the trash is,  and asked Hazel to “put it in the trash.”  She willingly obliged, tossed it in and said “bye bye binky”.  I thought, “alright, this could either be a really easy or  a really hard next couple of days.”

At 17 months and 3 days we are forcing her to say good bye to her sleep- time comforter. As I sit here listening to her cry, trying to get to sleep, I realize it might be a long and possibly sleep deprived weekend, but I think it is a good time to say “Bye bye” to the binky.   Oh wait…. crying over…. baby asleep…ahhhhh


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