This is the fourth night Hazel has gone down without her binky and so far so good.  Saturday night was the worst, but she was also battling a cold, which may have had something to do with it.  Both Friday night and last night, however, she slept though the night.  Tonight she didn’t even ask for “binky” as we laid her down to sleep.  I hope we are getting closer to “bink” being a distant memory.  (No offense, Bink)

Some picks from the weekend…

We tried to get our sicky out of the house briefly for some fresh air.  There was a city wide garage sale and we were on the prowl for some outdoor toys for the summer.  We didn’t find much, but a single solitary plastic chair.  Hazel spied it and went and sat in it instantly.  We paid the lady, and actually had to carry the chair, with Hazel still in it, to the car.  She refused to move.  


Garage Sale Chair

Garage Sale Chair

Sick babies make the best cuddlers…


cuddly sick baby

cuddly sick baby

But sick babies can also be grumpy, and need some alone time…


grumpy sick baby

grumpy sick baby


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