Early Childhood Funding Eliminated in Governor’s Proposed Budget 
Yesterday, Governor Quinn proposed a version of the budget that COMPLETELY ELIMINATES FUNDING for critical services for young children and their families. The budget: 

  • Eliminates the Early Childhood Block Grant, forcing 100,000 children out of preschool, cutting services for infants and toddlers, and causing more than 5,000 teachers to lose their jobs.
  • Eliminates healthcare for 300,000 children and 175,000 parents.
  • Cuts $769 million from the Department of Human Services, affecting more than 100,000 people.
  • Cuts state agencies’ funding by 37 percent.
  • These cuts and others would devastate efforts to close the achievement gap for low-income children and severely impact the most vulnerable families in our state. 

We need you to take two urgent actions today: 

  1. Call Governor Quinn at (217) 782-0244 and voice your opposition to any cuts in the Early Childhood Block Grant.
  2. Email <http://advocacy.ounceofprevention.org/site/R?i=ievnckag4k6T4HpFYm6pDQ..>  or call<http://advocacy.ounceofprevention.org/site/R?i=t6U1AxYhb-yNbz_Y4l1X4Q..>  your legislators and urge them to do the following: 
  • DO NOT pass a budget with cuts to early childhood programs including:
  • * Early Childhood Block Grant funded through the State Board of Education
  • * Home Visiting funded through the Department of Human Services, Healthy Families and Parents Too Soon budget lines
  • * Child Care
  • * Children’s Mental Health
  • Reform the Illinois revenue system <http://advocacy.ounceofprevention.org/site/R?i=12LV3uWvPDgxm-1xuJWeQg..>  so that we can collect enough funding to adequately support early childhood programs.
  • Tell leadership that you oppose the cuts and that you support revenue to fully fund programs for young children. 

To prevent these devastating cuts, you can also: 


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