My friend Bre’anna tagged me so now I must obey.  Basically once you are tagged you have to post a list of seven interesting things about yourself.  Here are mine…

1.  I would like to run a marathon someday soon.   My brother inspires me and I know that,  once upon a time, I too had the running gene.  I am up to 16 miles a week right now!  

2.  I am obsessed with purses.  Ever since I was little I have loved them.  I just can never have too many.  

3.  I love to travel but am terrified of flying.  Luckily, Phillip is not .  So when I clench his arm and break into cold sweats he remains calm and cool, which helps to ease my anxieties.  

4.  I refuse to get manicures/pedicures because I am scared of getting a disease.  I know, weird, but I read about it in a magazine once and have never forgotten.  And really, I can paint them myself for much cheaper.  

5.  I love my family to pieces.  I have always felt extremely blessed to have such strong relationships with my parents and brother.  Mom, Dad, Dobelerone…I don’t ever take you for granted, not for one second.  

6.  I am a die-hard and life long Hanson fan and I am not afraid to admit it.  I sprained my ankle kareokeing to Hanson while on my semester abroad in Australia.  I was so focused on the singing I failed to observe where the stage ended.  There was no alcohol involved.  Luckily my roommates pushed me around in a shopping cart for the rest of the evening.  

7.  No one makes me laugh harder than my husband.  He is so ridiculously strange I can’t help but laugh.  

My Seven Picks:

Laura: Because she never posts new blog updates and now maybe she will.  And she will have a funny list.

Lindsey: Because she spends so much time focused on the twins she should think about herself for a bit.

Diane: Because I like her and want to know more about her.

Brooke:  Because I know you occasionally read this blog and I can’t remember your blog address and I would like to see how you are doing!

Heather: Because I would also like to see a new post on your blog page and know you will have a good list.

Megan: Because I really know very little about your life and we are cousins for crying out loud!!

Kacey:  Because Finley and Hazel are about the same age and I always enjoy your posts and pictures.


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