Hazel had her 18 month check- up today and everything went very well. Her ears were clear for the first time in months!  Yeah!  No tubes!  She also received two shots and she didn’t even cry.  I can’t remember her height and weight stats right off, but based on her percentiles, she is tall and skinny, guess she will be taking after her daddy.  

In other Hazel news:

*Hazel won the award for “best facial expressions” at daycare.  She got a certificate and everything.  They said they have never seen a child this age with so much facial personality. 

*Her vocabulary has exploded I can’t even count all of the words she says, she is also forming 2-3 word sentences like “daddy poo,” “daddy a bug,” “I love you,”  “go, doe, doe,” “bye bye moe moe,” “more please,”  and many more

*When asked how old she is she holds up her hand trying to form the 2 sign and replies “two.”  We did not teach her this and do not normally encourage fibbing, but we figure it is much easier then saying “one and a half.”  She also responds appropriately when asked what her name is.  “Hashell”

*She hates to get her hands dirty.  Anytime she falls or touches something “dirty” she holds out her hands for us to wipe them off.  We have tried teaching her to wipe them on her pants (I am sure this will haunt us sometime down the road).  Anyway, the other day she had some dirt on her hands,  walked over to daddy and wiped her hands on his pants!  

Then, this morning when I came to get her out of her crib she was reaching her hands out for me as if they were dirty.   I pretended to clean them off and then noticed an odor on my hands.  Apparently the diaper had been quite full, she stuck her hands down the back of it and grabbed a little treat, just in time for mommy to come in! It was dark, and what I cleaned off her hands, unknowingly, was poop!  We quickly changed and bathed.  

*While she was bathing this morning I sneezed as I was washing her.  Clear as day she responded with a “bless you”.  What a sweety.

*As sad as it makes me to say…It’s official Hazel is quickly approaching the “terrible twos.”  I hate to refer to ay phase in my daughters life as terrible but if the past week has been any indication of what we are to expect I might find myself agreeing with the terminology.  

  • Hazel’s new favorite word is “No”.  She says it all the time and about every question we ask her, except eating.  She even shakes her finger along with it.  It is actually quite cute, but we try to ignore her when she does it.  She also furrows her brow and gives an angry look while at the same time crossing her arms across her chest. Again, quite cute, but not if this is the only face she makes for the next year and a half!  
  • She has also begun throwing temper tantrums.  She loves to take walks and push her baby dolls, however she very much dislikes when it is time to go inside.  She cries loudly, turns the opposite direction and runs as far and as fast as she can away from mommy and daddy.  When we finally catch her she maintains her death grip on her baby stroller.  Therefore we have to carry her (still crying, with baby stroller dangling in the air) back to the house.  

*Her tender, sweet and cute moments by far outnumber these tantrums and terrible two moments, but I think it is necessary to document the beginning of Hazel’s autonomy.  She is learning what she likes and dislikes, which is very healthy and normal (what I have to keep telling myself).  

Here are some pictures from her 18month photo shoot with the picture people.

18 month1

18 month2

18 month3


5 thoughts on “18 months

  1. I just cannot believe how cute Miss Hazel is! Her facial expressions really ARE expressive and funny! She’s going to be quite the firecracker. By the way, Daniel has also started to be more independent much like you described. It’s a good thing they’re so cute and, like you said, those moments out-number the not-so-cute ones. 🙂

  2. You realize that I’d better be receiving one of those photos….. 165 Washington Road, Washington Valley, Nelson 7010 NZ ……….. Or, Hazel could just deliver it herself. We’ll hang it on Elijah’s wall.

    • I wish we could have a (professional) picture of hazel and JaJa together, that would be true perfection. You know one of those black and white ones with the rose. I will definitely be sending you one!

  3. I hope you don’t mind, I look at your site often to see what is going on in your lives. Miss Hazel is such a cutie and I can believe she would get the certificate for most experssive, how darling!!!
    I like finding out about what all you are doing and what Dorian is doing. Just letting you know I keep up with you HA
    Love you guys
    Take care

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