Yes Father’s Day and  our 4th wedding anniversary fell on the same day this year, Sunday, June 21st, also the first day of summer!  How did I spend this momentous day?…..Husbandless.  Phillip left this morning to drive to Pennsylvania.  He is training a new tour team for Missoula Children’s Theatre (the company we worked for during our first year of marriage).  He will be there for a full week.  Then, Hazel and I leave Tuesday morning for Oregon with my parents.  Dorian is running at the US Championships in Eugene.  Anyway this is a really long lead up to explain our truly wonderful gift from mother nature which bloomed on this special day  

In the early spring there was a huge green leafy weed (or so I thought) blooming in our mulch next to the wheel barrow in our front yard.  I nearly pulled it but thought I should refer to my father’s expertise before doing such (he is a horticulturist).  He said it was not a weed and looked as though it may even bloom into something.  What, none of us were quite sure. ( There is virtually no soil beneath the mulch and for anything to survive there would be truly miraculous).  However, this very morning the daisies finally opened!  Daisies are my favorite flower and what I carried in our wedding.  Coincidence, I think not.  We are not sure how this beautiful flower bush was nurtured to grow with such abundance, but I would like to think of it as a little gift from God.


The miraculous, beautiful daisies

The miraculous, beautiful daisies

Update:  I had completely forgotten (until referring to a blog post from last summer) that we had indeed planted daisies in the mulch by the wheel barrow.  It was not nearly as beautiful and this one though!  There were only 2 blooms and it died shortly there after.

picture from last summer:

flower blog 2


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