Posts have been infrequent this summer and for that I apologize, but let me give a breakdown of  our summer thus far.  

Phillip has been working on his private pilot license in Centralia, Il.  It is a small town near where my in-laws live.  Piloting is a bit of a family tradition and Phillip’s generous father offered Phillip the opportunity to be a part of this lineage.  Anyway, it is a 5 week intensive course so we have been spending most of our time there.  While in Salem, Hazel and I got to spend a few days hanging out with my good friend Joy from college and her baby girl, Alexis.  It was so wonderful to reconnect.  

Then this past week I left for 3 days to travel with my father down to Arkansas to move Dorian into his new apartment.  Hazel stayed behind in Salem with daddy, Me Ma and Pa Pa.  It was the longest I had ever been apart from her, which was tough.  However, It was  wonderful spending some quality family time without the distraction of wee one.  

As if our lives weren’t crazy enough we decided to throw in a trip to an indoor water-park in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  I had heard from one of the mothers at school that this particular place was great for toddler age kiddos. I called, haggled a bit, and got an almost free rate!  Hazel was still a bit too young to enjoy all of the attractions, but she loved the water jets in the baby-pool.  There was also a free petting zoo down the road.  Hazel loved the horses.  Going to Wisconsin at some point over the summer has become a bit a family tradition for our little gang so we were glad to be able to fit it in despite the crazy summer schedule.  

Now we are back for one day before heading down south again.  I am getting two moles removed tomorrow so we had to detour home for some medical tending-to.  

After this week things will hopefully start to slow down a bit.  I wish we could say our next trip would be to Berlin to route for Dorian at the World Games, but the dates conflict with the start of school. We will be cheering for him from afar.  So for now I will be focusing on my garage sale.  We have been doing some intense summer cleaning and are ready to have some storage in our tiny house once again.  It’s no skin off my back, I love garage sales; getting up early, having some doughnuts and coffee and waiting to see what will sell!  

There is our summer (in a nut shell).  I will post a Hazel update soon.  She continues to grow and amaze us and also serves as our constant entertainment.  We actually got rid of cable a few months ago, no need!


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