No this isn’t the baby boy name winner.  This a blog about Hazel being naked in a basket.  


getting into her basket

getting into her basket


ready to set sail

ready to set sail

having a great time

having a great time





4 thoughts on “Baby Moses

  1. As with all of the pictures and stories/information you post baby doll – I simply love it. You just don’t know what joy the information and pictures add to our day. Your blog is like the best novel ever – I cannot wait to see what appears/happens next. Anxiously awaiting the next update.

    All of our love forever.


  2. Love those cute baby cheeks! Javen loves playing that same game…but if we take the diaper off for more than 3 seconds there WILL be a puddle on the floor. 🙂

  3. Hey Amanda! I just stalked your blog and I just LOVE your stories of Hazel. She seems to be just such a happy little girl. I think she is going to be an actor as well with how expressive she is! Also, congrats on your new one on the way! I hope all goes well for Dorian, how exciting for him and your family. Woo hoo for Riverdale’s claim to fame!

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