I realize I didn’t post any info in regards to the pregnancy news.  I was mostly going for shock value.  What can I say, I am dramatic.  Allow me to elaborate.

  • I am 11 weeks right now
  • The doctor scheduled the c-section for my mom’s b-day, Feb 17th!  Although my mom thinks I should have him do it the 1oth so the baby could be born 2. 10, 2010.  I had hoped for a VBAC, but my doctor advised the easiest delivery would be a repeat c-section.  I didn’t argue too much since the c-section with Hazel went wonderfully and my recovery was quick an relatively painless.  I already have the nasty scar why not get two for the price of one right?  
  • We have a great girl’s name waiting in the wings, but no boy names.  Lots of middle names, but no solid first name candidates.  Any suggestions?  (Just don’t be offended if we don’t take them).  Oooh, how about a prize.  If we select your baby name (if it is indeed a boy) you will win a great prize.  Details to follow on this…
  • This pregnancy has been slightly different so far.  I have a bit of insomnia and have been averaging about 6 solid hours of sleep a night.  With Hazel I slept like a rock.  Morning sickness has not been near as bad.  With Hazel I was sick the entire 9 months.  I have  gained more these first 11 weeks than I did in the first 4 months with Hazel!  It probably doesn’t help that the foods I crave are french fries and ice cream…

We are very excited and can’t wait for Hazel to have a sibling.  When we ask her if she wants a brother of sister she says “brodder or sitter.”  She seems to be a pretty neutral party at this point.  Me Ma asked her today what she wanted to name the baby and she said “Hazel.”  Of course.


6 thoughts on “Baby Number 2

  1. I really like the name Nathaniel Thomas. By the way I use to babysit for Philip and Timmy and all of the cousins.

  2. Where did you get Hazel’s name from? I love the old fashioned names like hers, and it suits her! I think it’s really special when you can take names from past relatives, like Laura Jean is after both her grandmothers:) My mom was Laura Isabel, and the other one was Rita Jean. Funny, both went by their middle names. I do like my dad’s name, Miles. Miles Phillip Squibb.

  3. AMANDA! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I have been bad about reading my usual blogs so you can imagine my excitement as I read your news! I am just so happy for you three! Boy names I like: Levi, Jude, Cole, Joshua, Luke … you can tell I’ve thought about this. 🙂 Chris has named both of our boys, which means I have dibs on any girls we may have in our future! Congrats again!

  4. I’m in the same boat as you…boys names are hard to pick! I’m really loving the name Jude right now…probably as a middle name if we use it. We decided to not “stress” over names until we find out if it’s a boy or girl, so we only have to focus on one. (Sonogram is a week from tomorrow!) When do you guys find out? (Are you planning on finding out this time?)

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